Q: What is a private community library?

Private just means that we are not run or funded by the government, while the community part means that we offer open access to people who become members of our community.

Q: What is an e-book lending platform?

The e-book lending platform lets you access and borrow e-books in much the same way as you would in a real library. The main differences are first of all you don’t need to worry about returning the books you borrow or any late fees as books are automatically returned (deleted from your device and account) at the end of the rental period. Otherwise as long as we have a n ‘unused’ copy of the book you want to read (this means no one else has rented it) you can borrow it and read it on almost any device through the eplatform app.

Q: What is the eplatform app?

This is how you log into our library and see what books we have to lend / manage your account. You can download the app on any Android, Windows or Apple device and log into our library with your unique membership details, given to you at your time of signing up for the first month. You can also read books through the library eplatform website on your computer. Alternatively if you have a Kobo e-Reader, Sony e-Reader or Nook e-Reader you can also read books on these but you will need to download Adobe Digital Editions and create an Adobe ID.


Q: How do I become a member of the library?

We use a secure membership platform to manage all of our community members. To join, simply follow the links provided and request to join our library. We will then as you for some basic details (Name, age and address) and will send you your log in details once this is complete. You then need to set up your payment options through the membership platform to pay the monthly user fee of 350 yen each month. As long as you continue your membership you will have unlimited access to our digital and physical resources (although the physical books do require you to visit us in person!)

Q: Can I cancel my membership & what happens if I do?

Yes, you can cancel membership at any time by simply sending us a message requesting cancellation. This also happens automatically should you choose not to pay the monthly fee. Upon cancellation you have two choices; you can either leave your membership deactivated or asked to be removed entirely from the system. If you choose to be deactivated (or don’t pay) then we keep your details in our system and easily allow you to start full membership again in the future. Otherwise, we will delete all personal information and you will need to reapply from the beginning if you wish to use the library again in the future. If you have requested cancellation then you will be able to continue using our services until the end of the month that you have paid for.

Q: I don’t live in Shizuoka, can I still join your library?

Yes, you absolutely can as long as you can provide us with the details required for membership and make the monthly payments needed to join. Because we are a private library, membership is not limited to a specific geographic location. All it means is that it might be a little harder for you to access our physical books, but you can use our eplatform from anywhere in Japan!