We are a private community library based in Fuji, Shizuoka. Through our online library services you can borrow e-books on any Apple, Android or Windows device anywhere in Japan, starting from the low cost of ¥ 100 per month through our new 'pay what you want' Patreon page. 


This library was founded on the idea that when living abroad it can be very difficult and expensive to access books in your native language, and we want to change that. At the moment our collection is primarily in English, but upon request we can get many titles in French, Spanish, Japanese and more!

  • Nearly 2000 books to choose from.
  • No late fees - books automatically return themselves on time.
  • Works on Apple, Android and Windows. Just search for the ePlatform app.
  • Only ¥100 per month!
  • Can request library purchases.
  • Supported by Wheelers - one of the largest international distributors of books for libraries.

Why become a member?


Unlike most conventional libraries here in Japan, we can offer access to our materials to anyone, anywhere in Japan. Our digital lending platform also removes any risk of late fees as our books and audio books automatically return themselves when they become due by simply removing themselves from your device and becoming available for the next patron to borrow. While our current in house collection contains over 1500 individual titles, if there is anything you want to read that we don't already have, through Wheelers we have access to purchase over 350,000 books and 50,000 audio books from some of the largest publishers around the world and in multiple languages too. On top of this because it's digital as soon as we have made the acquisition it is immediately added to our catalog for you to borrow.



To subscribe to the library simply go to our Patreon page, choose how much you want to pay (there are different benefits to different amounts, but all come with full access to our books).


If you have any questions about our services you can email us and we will respond as soon as we can, typically within one working day. Alternatively you can message us through the contact form below.


Don't forget to complete the registration form below too to choose your username for logging in to the library!

This information is only used to create your library profile, we will never sell or disclose your personal information to any party or individual outside of the Idle Hour Library.

Some of our latest additions: